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2 weeks ago
Through this worrying and uncertain time, I am very thankful for the perfect peace of God’s presence 💜 AdeneganK photo
2 weeks ago
Been offline for awhile because the news is very overwhelming... but just wanted to say, keep safe and stay positive, I know it’s very hard and I’m perhaps writing this for myself as much as for others. And to athletes, know that our training is never in vain ❤️
3 weeks ago
What a blessing to be a part of this🙌 Thanks @StylistMagazine 😊
AdeneganK photo
Stylist Magazine @StylistMagazine
Introducing our very special 500th issue, made by Olympians. #Stylist500:
3 weeks ago
With all the panic and upsetting news at the moment this made me smile ☺️
gmb @GMB
‘She really is beautiful, init.’

Aker Okoye, the 16-year-old pupil who stole a kiss from the Duchess of Sussex, describes the moment they met. 😘

He has even written a letter to Prince Harry to apologise for cuddling his wife. 😅